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Why was I running?

Because I EXPECTED MORE. I wanted us all to have a better Kitchener and was willing to lead the way.


As a trained Architect, I have the design sense and creativity to imagine more. As an Urban Designer and Construction Manager, I know what it takes to make splendid buildings and open spaces, functional roads. As a world citizen and professional, I have seen and helped make unique and fantastic endeavours succeed. I want to see and bring such greatness here to Kitchener.


In 2018, I want to focus on high QUALITY OF LIFE - for everyone.


I want us to have great destinations to go to, better infrastructure, interactive spaces,  beautiful and comfortable surroundings, creative activities, reasonable taxes, an efficient government and budgets. I want us to feel safe, engaged, open, healthy and well. I want us to know what to expect, benefit from a variety of opportunities and get help when needed.

To make our community flourish and deliver on the above, a STRONG vision is needed with leaders who can make BOLD choices and RESPONSIBLE decisions, while staying SENSITIVE to local needs.


STRONG vision – a strategic plan, defined together, identifying what Kitchener should be next, how it should grow, what it should maintain

BOLD choices – leaders who are not afraid to take this city to the next level of greatness, can think beyond what we have achieved thus far, recognize who we are today and what we expect in the future

RESPONSIBLE decisions – planning and financial decisions that will serve us best today and in the future

SENSITIVE to needs – considering the environment, local requirements and the global context


Let's expect:

  • social issues being addressed, safe neighbourhoods
  • forward-thinking economy and taxes
  • diverse recreation, integrating activities
  • effective transportation
  • better designed buildings and common spaces
  • healthy and empowered residents


As your Kitchener Councillor, I pledge to ask questions, provide input, balance interests and finances,
listen to your concerns and ideas, promote Ward 7 and create the next Kitchener.